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Herbert M. Green

Content specialist | Consultant | Interpener

The way we talk about cannabis is about to change worldwide, make sure you’re having the right conversation now, rather than later.

What I can do for you



Multidisciplinary, adaptive, flexible and thoroughly researched content.

No matter which style or format your content needs to be, as long as it’s cannabis-related I’d love to write it for you.



As a certified Interpener, I use consistent methods and guidelines to inspect and evaluate your product on quality and grade it accordingly, with a unique certificate label.



With two decades of experience in marketing, branding and visual design, I can advise and support your brand in creating strategies and concepts that elevate your presence and brand recognition.

What I do your you


My experiences as copywriter, editor-in-chief, content director and content specialist within the cannabis and vaporizer industry for over 10 years have given me a unique perspective on how cannabis content can change lives and brands alike. 


Whether it’s a blogpost, advertorial, product review or description, brand profile or a complete website, drop me a line and let's discuss what fits your needs and budget. 

Published works:


Who is Herb?


After spending roughly two decades as a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Branding Consultant I felt it was time for a change.


My lifelong passion for cannabis and my wish to start a writing career accidentally coincided, back in 2016, when I was presented with the opportunity to become a cannabis reviewer for an online magazine and coffeeshop guide here in my home town Amsterdam.

This stroke of luck sparked my love for cannabis, terpenes, vaporizers, and the cannabis community in general. 

Now, several years later, with a multitude of published articles under my belt, extensive experience as editor-in-chief and content director, I’ve managed to achieve a lifelong dream and career goal; to become a certified level 1 Interpener. 

But the buck doesn’t stop there. I still have so many more cannabis research papers to read, articles to write and things to learn about interpening, always remembering that one quote: 

“One learns from books and example only that certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things.” – Frank Herbert


For any media inquiries, please contact Herbert M. Green:

Tel: +31 6 180 52 409 |

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