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Branding and Marketing consult 

In today’s world of advertising, there’s a saying: “Content is king”. Whether it’s in the form of text or audio/visual. 

This maxim holds true especially for the European cannabis space, where legal restrictions don’t allow cannapreneurs to promote their products through mainstream media outlets. 


Creative ways must be found to build brand awareness. Social media seems the obvious choice, yet even that can be an unpredictable and unreliable platform. 


If you want your cannabis products to stand out, you’ll have to think outside the box and create bespoke (guerrilla) marketing strategies that not only represent your brand but also reach your target audience in an effective way. 


With a passion for anything cannabis-related and two decades of experience in marketing, branding and visual design, I can advise and support your brand in creating strategies and concepts that elevate your presence and brand recognition. 

Feel free to contact me for an exploratory brainstorm session, evaluation of your current promotion strategy or rebranding advice.

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