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Verb. (English): 

The art of the Cannabis Sommelier: The science of evaluating cannabis flower for total quality control and variety type designation

Just like a Sommelier does for wine and Cicerone for beer, it’s a professionally trained Interpener’s job (and passion) to classify and evaluate the quality of any given cannabis flower. 


By looking closely at the colour of the flower, her bud structure, trichome density and analysing her terpene profile using his or her highly attuned sense of smell, a good ‘cannabis sommelier’ or ‘cannaisseur’ is able to not only select the highest quality bud, he or she can also predict the flower’s effect.  


This ability sets an Interpener apart from other evaluators and selectors. In an ever-evolving marketplace that is only now setting its own ‘industry standards’ for quality consistency, it’s important to know what defines ‘quality cannabis’.  

"We all know quality is important, unfortunately, when it comes to cannabis, not everyone actually knows what quality cannabis looks, feels or smells like." 


Having a trained professional utilising their honed skill to profile the complete terpene bouquet to predict how your product will affect your customers is the competitive edge you’ll need in the rapidly growing cannabis space. 


Having a professional interpener evaluate and grade the quality of your product will elevate your brand to a higher level. 

It doesn’t only show your customers you care about quality, it also allows you to offer your customers an official ‘Sommelier’s Selection Label’. 


As a certified Interpener, I use consistent methods and guidelines to inspect and evaluate your product on quality and grade it accordingly with a unique certificate label. 


                                   me to discuss the possibilities.

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