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What’s new with the 2020 “M” by Dynavap: Update review

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

So many updated features in such a small pen vaporizer

By Herbert M. Green (originally written for:

The new Dynavap 2020 “M” is out! And as is becoming tradition, this year’s "M" comes with a generous amount of improvements. So much so that I can’t afford to beat around the bush and will jump right into listing all the cool new features and upgrades this open flame-operated, dry herb vaporizer brings.

Look and feel of the new 2020 "M"

The new body of the “M” looks groovy in every sense of the word. Dynavap has machined the new "M" to give it a more intricate grooved design. This new design doesn’t only play with the light in funky ways when I roll it through my fingers, it also results in a more tactile experience. It gives me more grip while heating the tip and allows me to find the airports by touch alone. It also feels lighter, even though it is made from the same stainless steel as the previous "M"’s and in reality, only weighs slightly under two grams less.

More control over airflow with the 2020 “M”

One of the best new features of the 2020 "M" are the two Chiral airports, which give me so much more control over the airflow. I can now change the airflow by covering one airport, either partly or all the way, while the other airport still generates a good amount of air intake. This allows me to take nice smooth, light flavour hits from this dry herb vape.

Or, I can cover both airports for full draw resistance and those long, drawn-out hits with deep inhales. I can even choose to let my fingertip hover closely over one or both airports. This provides an interesting twist in airflow and I can actually feel vortexes and fluid dynamic effects happening in and around the device. These effects are a lot of fun to play around with and I’m sure everybody is going to develop their own draw technique with this cool new feature.

More flavour, more vapour with the 2020 “M”

Dynavap’s products have always been top tier when it comes to flavour experience. With the 2020 "M", Dynavap has outdone itself once again. The new airflow control features clearly make the difference between this model and the previous "M"’s, like the 2019 and 2018 versions. This amazing little pen vaporizer gives me access to the full flavour profile, no matter which herb I filled it with, hitting even the subtlest of notes.

Getting the hang of consistent vapour production took me a bit longer, simply because the new "M" has so many more airflow options to play with. But, once I discovered the subtle differences between using different torch-lighters and induction heating I got to a point where I could switch between taking light but terpie whiffs and sizeable clouds of vapour. Again, you’ll have to try it out for yourself and play around with it until you’ve dialled in your preferred method and cloud consistency.


If you are as much of a flavour freak as I am, you’ll love this next feature: The “Adjust-a-bowl”. The idea behind the Adjust-a-bowl is that you can push the filter screen (aka CCD) forward in the tip, essentially reducing the size of the herb bowl by 50%. This is a feature we have already seen with the titanium Omnivap and is great for microdosing as well as wasting less material when I go for those single “flavour hits”.

Never lose your cap with the Captive Cap

It hasn’t happened that often, but I do have to admit that I have lost my fair share of caps over the years I’ve been using Dynavap’s portable vaporizers. This is now a thing of the past with the “Captive Cap”. And by that, Dynavap means they made two small indents on either side of the cap so that it now ‘grips’ the grooves on the tip on any Dynavap device and holds its place until I want it to come off.

The 2020 “M” fits your favourite 10mm bong

The last new upgrade the 2020 “M” brings to the table is the tapered mouthpiece. This new shape of the mouthpiece makes the 2020 “M” fit snugly in any 10mm glass bong, mini-rig or glass adaptor. The NonavonG and HydravonG had a similar feature, but those were made for 14mm bongs and rigs. Now I can use a Dynavap vaporizer with almost every bong or rig in my collection. Oh, the joy!

Final Verdict

Let’s be honest, Dynavap has come up with a new variation on the “M” almost every year since its inception. And yet, I never got the feeling I got the wool pulled over my eyes by superficial or cosmetic upgrades. Whenever Dynavap improves their products, they really do bring major improvements. The same goes for this new 2020 “M” and even if you already own one of its predecessors, which are still awesome in their own right by the way, upgrading to this new model will actually feel like an upgrade. Otherwise, give your old “M” to one of your closest friends and get a 2020 “M” for yourself. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.

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